IT Consulting

Building the Framework for IT Excellence

IT leaders often will look for the latest technologies that will provide the quickest return on investment. This strategy can work in the short-term―however, overtime and without proper planning, they often find themselves grappling to manage an unwieldy IT infrastructure. Complicating matters, many businesses experience high turnover within their IT team. With every team member exit, vital knowledge is lost―making it increasingly more difficult to optimize your return from new technology investments.

ACR experts have extensive experience helping businesses across industry sectors plan their IT infrastructure, deploy new technologies, and improve operational efficiency. With ACR, you can optimize the performance and resiliency of your IT infrastructure while reducing the cost spent on operating and maintaining poorly planned, out-of-date infrastructure.

Benchmarking and Performance Assessment

A results-focused approach to IT planning relies on collaboration between the business and the IT consultant. As part of our goal to deliver exceptional client experiences, we continually raise the bar on our ability to help you achieve the results you want by always measuring, reporting and improving your IT performance.

Our consultants track your performance using carefully defined metrics measured against industry standard benchmarks. By pinpointing poor performing areas and those that are running smoothly, our benchmarking approach helps identify your important areas for improvement and investment. We then work to eliminate the performance barriers.

Risk Management and Compliance

As every member of your IT organization is well aware, security is paramount for the safe and reliable operation and protection of your business infrastructure and data.

ACR provides a holistic approach to risk management and compliance that defines what is most important to you, helping you protect vital business assets from unauthorized access and also to react quickly when systems are compromised.